Wrist-Lock Out of Nowhere

The nefarious wrist-lock, a submission so dastardly that its mere utterance elicits headshakes and tuts from respectable members of the jiu-jitsu community.

So the question then is, what is one to do after being wrist-locked with extreme brutality?  Does one seclude oneself from the rest of humanity to revel in desolation? Or internalise the anger until it manifests itself in genocidal rage?

After pondering this for some time, I concluded the correct recourse was to learn from the dude that had inflicted the shame upon me.


Originally from Rio, Wilson trained at Cia. Amazonense de Jiu-Jitsu, in Manaus. The academy owned by third degree black belt, Rigoney Castro Costa Jr.

The Monday following the Manaus Open, the academy was not due to open; it was another of Brazil’s ever-occuring national holidays. However, Mestre Costa sympathetic to my plight agreed to open up.

Following 5×8 minute rounds, where the jungle humidity had led me to empty bucketloads of sweat out onto the mats, we got down to business. I was given a step-by-step account on how I’d been caught.


Wilson played knee-shield half guard, with his knee under my chin, this had lured me into an attempt to smash both legs to the mat, grabbing at his lapel in the process. As soon as I’d took the bait, he’d immediately cupped behind my elbow with boths hands and curled himself up like a hedgehog, forcing my trapped wrist back at a tendon-tearing obtuse angle.

He was meticulous with his detail, keen that I picked up all the nuances of the setup and the finish. I was instructed to drill it over and over again until he was satisfied with my understanding.


I shall forever be indebted to my new friend, Wilson for his willingness to share this forbidden knowledge. It is now my aim to unleash this devastating and self-esteem shattering finish upon everyone that I roll with.

2 thoughts on “Wrist-Lock Out of Nowhere”

  1. great article. I can feel your anger and the after taste of vengeance of thirds. I hv been wristlocking the world as well and the world doesnt seems to be very happy indeed.

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